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We are social and interdependent beings. We grow through and toward relationships throughout our lives.  Even in today's social space,  by default we yearn for connection and a sense of making a positive difference in our worlds. We are hard-wired to connect yet are socialized to be fiercely independent. This dilemma undermines our neural pathways for connection leaving us in chronic stress.  Thus, our connections, relationships and stress relief options are more important than ever.

The Art of Connection

Instead of the standard " I am so awesome" bio, let's journey the roads less traveled.  Take a few moments out to think about the paragraph above.  Consider what your needs are, what your desires are, and if you feel that we would be a good fit.


Keep in mind, while I enjoy the company of the sophisticated Gents of the world, I do have certain reservations in regards to doing anything that would put my safety and peace of mind in a compromising position.


No... I do not offer a "menu" of services.  No, I am not a high volume provider, far from it.  There is never a "rush" session with our time that we spend together.  I am cool, sheek and down to earth.  Let's meet soon.

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