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An explorer by nature, I’ve connected with a variety of people and places, thus providing a rich tapestry of life experience and insight. I am a discreet refined woman, offering an elite experience of beauty, erotica, and sensuality. Defying rhetoric and stereotypes, I am a unconventional individual, with an all natural creative personality.


As a student of literature, life, and art; I am a great conversationalist, comfortable in the company of distinguished men and women. Being an advocate for self-love, and self-improvement, I consider myself to be a seeker of peace; and higher purpose. A deliberate deviation from the norm.


I'm always studying, to improve some of my technical and creative skills, while simultaneously working on several businesses; and design projects. My lifestyle is demanding, but I still carve out time, to stay fun and relevant. Being well traveled, has enabled me to visit monumental locations, such as financial hubs, and private hideaways.


Modest or opulent, in public or behind closed doors, my mind is open; and my tastes are diverse. I love the relentless beauty of the city, the quaint silence of the countryside, and the strange comfort of the warm sun on a private beach.