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In my growth in life, and as a companion , I have come to  find  that it is so much more enjoyable and rewarding to create a connection with my partners. The power of connection is  blissful,  as I sure that you would agree.  In my effort to secure that great connection, I will provide sincere conversations, laughs and truthful passion. If you are the kind of man who wants to develop and nourish such a relationship you might be intrigued by my craft.


Prior to booking, what is important to know - I HIGHLY value mutual chemistry.  I  offer special packages that allows us to spend more time together at a preferential rate on a regular basis. For more information, kindly bring up the idea during our next precious moment together, or via email.


For rate information, be sure to email me:



Please note that I am now available for the following:  Nightlife promotions  |  Modeling/ Companion for Corporate Events Nationwide  |  3 - 7 day vacation / companion trips